26/11/13 - Slavi Binev requested a mission for the surveillance of the European elections in Bulgaria
26/11/13 - Slavi Binev requested a mission for the surveillance of the European elections in Bulgaria The member of the European Parliament is a participant in the Parliamentary Assembly of ACP-EU in Addis Ababa

The mission for the surveillance of the European elections in 2014 in Bulgaria asked for Slavi Binev during the debate on meeting with ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Addis Ababa. The member of the European Parliament as well as representative of the largest patriotic union in Bulgaria formed around NFSB and Europe of Freedom & Democracy Group in the European Parliament, replacing the vice-president of the Assembly Francesco Speroni. The Member of the European Parliament made a statement, where he presented his arguments concerning the monitoring of the elections in Bulgaria: ´´I am suggesting that a mission must be sent off, which would provide a surveillance over the elections in the United Kingdom on 22nd of May, where after that the mission is sent off to Bulgaria, where the elections are to take place on the 25th of May. As the European election do not take place on the same day, there exists the possibility to visit both of the member states. This is not going to be a precedent - in 2004, the Parliamentary Assembly sent off a mission in Hungary and the Netherlands and in 2009, the Pan-African parliament established surveillance over the elections that took place in United Kingdom and Germany.´´ Binev stated that surveillance must be exercised over the elections in Bulgaria by authoritative people, deputies, not only from the EU, but also from the ACP-EU: ´´In Bulgaria, two things must be provided - on the one side freedom of speech and on the other side a fair election. The election law in Bulgaria must be changed in a way, that it guarantees even to the greatest sceptics, that the election process would be fair. However, this is not happening!´´
Binev further suggested to send off a mission for the surveillance of the elections in Fiji in the autumn of 2014.
The member of the European Parliament was invited to provide a report on the results of the mission that took place in Haiti, where he noted problems that occurred in the last elections, corruption where the main problem was as well as economic and political, the human rights, that haven´t been well enough protected, the judiciary, which is considered to be ineffective, corrupted and overloaded.
The member of the European Parliament shared his impressions from his trip to Somalia, which was part of his visit to Africa: ´´I made an unofficial visit to one of my colleagues. We visited Somaliland, which is part of Somalia. This is considered as a very dangerous place based on two reasons - one being the pirates, and the other - the Islamic militia. This is a special militia, which is more dangerous than the pirates, because the pirates would kill you and kidnap you because of your money, while the militia can kill you because of your religious beliefs. We established a couple of meeting in Hargeyza, which is the capital of Somaliland, which is still up until now an independent country. The trip by itself was very interesting. A real adventure!´´
Binev held an official meeting with His Holiness Abuna Matthias - a Patriarch and Catholicos of Ethiopia, as well as with the prime minister of Ethiopia - Haylemariam Desalegn and deputy prime minister of Tonga - Samiu Quito Vaypulu.

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