06/12/13 - Binev opened the conference ''South stream: The development of the pipeline'' in Brussels
06/12/13 - Binev opened the conference ''South stream: The development of the pipeline'' in Brussels Binev: ''We, from the union formed around NFS, are against people that break the law, even more where the law was enacted by them''

Slavi Binev opened the conference ''South stream: The development of the pipeline'' in EP, Brussels with a speech on the topic, which is closely linked to Bulgaria: ''Today's meeting is devoted to the project ''South stream'', which is of extreme importance for Europe. After all we must not forget what happened a couple of years ago, when even the polar bears in the zoo parks around Europe felt cold... Diversification of the supply of natural gas is an aim of the EU as well as of the other energy supplies.''

The event was organized by Natural gas Europe, where as speakers were invited further Aleksander Medvedev, Director of Gasprom export, ministers and experts of the energy ministries of Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, specialists from the energy sector from all around the world. MEPs were present on the forum, officials from the European Commission, diplomats, NGOs and representatives of the media.

Slavi Binev stress importance on the fact that Bulgaria is missing the official documents concerning its pipelines: '' For now it is known that the Bulgarian section will be worth 3.5 billion euros. But we, the Bulgarians, do not believe in that, because whenever we had big projects such as this one, the numbers in the beginning never correspondent to the ones at the end. As you are aware, the most important aspect of every project is its value.'' The MEP gave an example of the procurement, which was based on a project for contractors, for which it has been announced the scandalous period for preparation of the documents - 2 weeks. Binev explained, that after numerous warnings, the government of Bulgaria has decided to repeat the procedure.

As a strange fact, Binev classified the signing of the contract by the government that has signed the contract without an approval rating for the environmental impact. ''Distortion of the basic legal requirements can be observed while we, from the union formed around NFSB are against the people, that break those laws, even more where the laws were inn enacted by them. The politicians have to be a role model of the behaviour, where they do not simply request their electorate.

I his concluding remarks, Binev stated: ''In one year, the expected revenue of ''South stream'' will be 90 million euros. At this moment however our country gains 100 million euros of taxes from the gas sector. You can see yourself what the benefit for Bulgaria is. Do not comprehend my words in the wrong way I am not against the project. However as a politician, who is responsible for the welfare and interests of his homeland, I believe that it is my duty to bring clarity on the subject of matter. Of course, the positive sides of the south stream are many - the establishment of new job opportunities as well as more benefits for our empty governmental treasury. I wish all the best and success of this project, I believe in that and have my fingers crossed as for its realization, as well as for our country's interest to be preserved.

After concluding his speech, Mr. Binev remained to moderate the event and gave his word to Aleksander Medvedev - Director of Gasprom export, the Russian deputy minister of energy Anatoli Yankovski, director responsible for the export of ''Gasprom'', the Serbian minister of energy Zorana Mihailovich and the rest of the speakers.

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