28/01/2014 - Binev organized a conference in EP regarding organized crime
28/01/2014 - Binev organized a conference in EP regarding organized crime Cooperation is the main mean to deal with criminality
International specialists in the sphere of organized crime arrived in Brussels in order to take part in the conference concerning: "Organized crime, trafficking of people and drugs", jointly organized by EP and the International institute on security and cooperation with the support of Slavi Binev.
"As a patriot and representative of the largest patriotic union in Bulgaria, the union around NFSB, we believe that the first and most important step for the good of Bulgaria is precisely associated with dealing with corruption and the dysfunctional judicial system as it was noted in the last report of the EC. "Further steps has to be taken towards the fight against organized crime, as the most important institutions that are supposed to oppose it where instead of doing so they place an umbrella over it. Today, we gathered a number of people with different political perspective, but with the same aim, which is considered to be partisan, in the same of a greater battle." - stated Binev as he carved the first step of a really long way in the direction of overcoming corruption. The participants of the conference were Rudolfo Peikov, a former employee of the Drug Enforcement Agency in USA (DEA), member of AFNA and NEOA; the former minister of interior of Republic of Bulgaria - Rumen Perkov; former rector of the University for national and world economy - Borislav Borisov; Robert Slovakevich - active prosecutor from Poland, two MEPs from the EFD Group, as well as representative from CRIM/Special commission on organized crime, corruption and money laundering in EP/.

The main aspect of the conference was the "Counteraction of drug dealing", presentation presented by Rodolfo Peikov, former employee of the Drug Enforcement Agency USA (DEA). Peikov presented interesting facts as well as his analysis on the drug market in a global perspective. He introduced his colleagues and guests with the methods of production, maintenance, usage, trafficking and contraband of different kinds of narcotics: "Throughout the last couple of years, the trend is been kept about the lack of a united drug market and clearly presented monopoly of hierarchy. Due to the lack of centralization a large number of independent groups get involved, increasing the number of drug dealers''.
The MEPs from Poland - Yacek Vlosovich and Tadeush Zviefka and from Italy - Magdi Alam shared their viewpoints on the matter in the other European countries. They expressed their opinion concerning the unfinished political work in the direction of united cooperation. This was also an opinion shared by all of the people present, where the main method that was outlined was cooperation. The Polish prosecutor, Robert Slovakievich, introduced the people presented with OCG from his country by making a short statement on the subject - corruption. The problem was outlined by the speakers as undoubtedly comprehensive - with not colour or nationally. As corruption and drug addiction are covering a large percentage of the population, the event was referred to as the first step towards remedying the situation.
An invitation to the event was send to dozens of MEPs and employees of the European institutions, diplomats and journalists from Bulgaria and Europe.
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