Slavi Binev
Biography Slavi Binev was born on 10th December 1965 in Sofia. His grandfather, Georgi Karadzhov, was one of our well-known children’s writers, also author of love poetry. His father, Pencho Binev, is a distinguished scholar with recognized inventions in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, power engineering and organic synthesis. He is an author of several monographs. His mother, Petranka Bineva, was a journalist and a banker.
Family Slavi Binev is happily married to Mariya. He enjoys five children – Martina, Miroslava, Kaloyan, Elena and Victoria. The member of the European Parliament already has a granddaughter, Niya, a child of his daughter Martina.
The whole family has blood connection with sports; Slavi Binev’s children already confidently follow in their father’s steps. Miroslava and Elena are among our biggest hopes for restoration of the old popularity of our rhythmic gymnastics.
Business From the beginning of the 90s until 2006, Slavi Binev had been one of the main shareholders in R – System Holding AD. The company included over 100 companies and for many years dictated the modern trends in service, entertainment, construction, investments and security. R – system was ranked 34-th by The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on maximum profit for 2003. At that time the American issue Washington Times published an editorial article, entitled “New kids on the Eastern Block”, dedicated to Slavi Binev and his achievements in the business sphere. After 2001, as everybody knows, his success was not due to the state or crime, but, on the contrary, defying them.
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